COVID-19 Update – June

All of our doctors are here and seeing patients. If you are scheduled for an infusion, we recommend that you come in to continue therapy. We will continue to see all other patients as well, but have converted over to telemedicine so that we can continue to care for our patients while also practicing social distancing. If you are a New Patient and wish to have a face-to-face visit, the doctors will see you in the office or you can be seen via Telemed, whichever you prefer.  Our staff will assist you in learning how to do a video conference with your doctor. It is surprisingly easy. For urgent care we are continuing to see patients in the office. Our staff will explain how this is done. Patients need to come alone and wear a face mask. No penalties for missed visits. Patients having symptoms related to the covid-19 or exposed to someone with the virus do not come in, please contact your pcp or go to the ER. Do not discontinue taking any medications without contacting the office first.

Thank you