James P. Brodeur, M.D

James P. Brodeur, M.D

8201 Atlee Road, Suite B
Mechanicsville, Va 23116
804.730.5222 • Fax: 804.730.5225


Commonwealth of Virginia


American Board of Internal Medicine, #126581
Rheumatology, #120581


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
University, 1978, B.S., Biology

University of Virginia, School of Medicine,
1985, M. D. 8/1981- 5/1985

University of Kentucky, School of Medicine,
1986-1988, Internship and Residency
7/1985 – 6/1988

Medical College of Virginia, Division of
Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology,
July/ 1988- June/1991
NIH Fellow in Rheumatology


Former Member of Board, CentralVirginia
Arthritis Foundation
American College of Physicians
American College of Rheumatology


Memorial Regional Medical Center – Courtesy
St. Mary’s Hospital – Courtesy
Henrico Doctors’ Hospital – Courtesy
Chippenham Medical Center – Courtesy
Retreat Hospital – Courtesy


Arthritis Specialists, Ltd.
Atlee and Mechanicsville, Virginia
May 2000 – Present      

Memorial Medical Center
Richmond Memorial Hospital
Richmond, Virginia
September, 1991 – May 1, 2000

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Medical College of Virginia
Richmond, Virginia
July, 1991 – 2010

Infectious Disease Laboratory
University of Virginia
April, 1980 – August, 1982
Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
University of Virginia Hospital
August, 1978 – April, 1980

National Databank for Rheumatic Diseases
Arthritis Research Center Foundation, Inc
SLE in the Community (SLEC)
01-23-06 – 2010

Clinical Trial Investigator
MedSource, Inc.
1999 – 2010

Preceptor Medical Students
Medical College of Virginia
1995 – 5/01/00

Preceptor Internal Medicine Residents
Medical College of Virginia
1994 – 2000


A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Comparison Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Valdecoxib 10 mg QD, Valdecoxib 20 mg QD, Valdecoxib 40 mg QD, and Naproxn 500 mgm BID in Treating the Signs and Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Searle N91-99-02-061, 1999-2000

A Clinical Protocol to Evaluate the Long Term Safety of Valdecoxib in Testing the Signs and Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Searle N91-99-02-067, 1999-2001

A Multicenter, Randomized, Blinded Placebo Controlled Study to Describe Long-Term Safety of Daily Subcutaneous Injections of Anakinra (r-metHulL-1ra) in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Amgen 990757, 1999

A Multicenter, Blinded, Randomized, Placebo Controlled Trial to Study the Ability of IL-1ra (anakinra) to Retard Joint Destruction, and Evaluate the Long Term Safety of IL-1ra, in Subjects with Rheumatoid Arthritis, 2000


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Brodeur JP and Roberts WN: Cost-benefit comparison of factor VIII antigen to ertyrhocyte
sedimentation rate and immune complexes in diagnosis and management of vasculitis.
Presented, American College of Rheumatology Southeast Regional Meeting, Baltimore,
April, 1991. (Abstract #44)

Brodeur JP and Ruddy S: Elevated synovial fluid levels of complement membrane attack
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